SL4A API Help -CommonIntentsFacade

A selection of commonly used intents.

These can be used to trigger some common tasks.
pickDisplay content to be picked by URI (e.g. contacts)
uri (String)
returns: (Intent) A map of result values.
scanBarcodeStarts the barcode scanner.
returns: (Intent) A Map representation of the result Intent.
searchStarts a search for the given query.
query (String)
viewStart activity with view action by URI (i.e. browser, contacts, etc.).
uri (String)
type (String) MIME type/subtype of the URI (optional)
extras (JSONObject) a Map of extras to add to the Intent (optional)
viewContactsOpens the list of contacts.
viewHtmlOpens the browser to display a local HTML file.
path (String) the path to the HTML file
viewMapOpens a map search for query (e.g. pizza, 123 My Street).
query, e.g. pizza, 123 My Street (String)