ActivityResultFacadeAllows you to return results to a startActivityForResult call
AndroidFacadeSome general purpose Android routines
ApplicationManagerFacadeFacade for managing Applications
BatteryManagerFacadeExposes Batterymanager API
BluetoothFacadeBluetooth functions
CameraFacadeAccess Camera functions
CommonIntentsFacadeA selection of commonly used intents
ContactsFacadeProvides access to contacts related functionality
EventFacadeManage the event queue
EyesFreeFacadeProvides Text To Speech services for API 3 or less
LocationFacadeThis facade exposes the LocationManager related functionality
MediaPlayerFacadeThis facade exposes basic mediaPlayer functionality
MediaRecorderFacadeA facade for recording media
PhoneFacadeExposes TelephonyManager functionality
PreferencesFacadeThis facade allows access to the Preferences interface
SensorManagerFacadeExposes the SensorManager related functionality
SettingsFacadeExposes phone settings functionality
SignalStrengthFacadeExposes SignalStrength functionality
SmsFacadeProvides access to SMS related functionality
SpeechRecognitionFacadeA facade containing RPC implementations related to the speech-to-text functionality of Android
TextToSpeechFacadeProvides Text To Speech services for API 4 or more
ToneGeneratorFacadeGenerate DTMF tones
UiFacadeUser Interface Facade
WakeLockFacadeA facade exposing some of the functionality of the PowerManager, in particular wake locks
WebCamFacadeManages access to camera streaming
WifiFacadeWifi functions